About Us

The first induced pluripotent stem cell company founded in 2014 focused on cardiac cellular therapy. Licensed IP has years of research from our scientific founder who has had over $53 million in career NIH funding much of it focused on cardiac regeneration via stem cells.  Our moon-shot approach has had extensive $16 million dollar  research validation which continues with our proven cardiac regeneration after heart attack in our human derived cardiomyocytes. All previous cardiac stem cell trials on average have shown under 3% EF improvement versus our recently published data showing our cells regenerated LVEF from 63% to 72% in an absolute basis and from 72% vs. 43% (control) after 90 days in experimental myocardial infarction in mice. Scar tissue was also reduced from 27%( control) to 7%. This compares to BlueRock Therapeutics showing no therapeutic improvement in LVEF vs control to Tenaya Therapeutics in their published studies.

Our Board includes the world's leading Cardiac Regenerative Scientist's to the only 2 Cardiologists who are out clinically in our field including Dr. Philippe Menasche, Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Paris Descartes. Dr. Menasche has completed the worlds first pluripotent  Phase I cardiomyocyte stem cell clinical trial in Paris showing strong regeneration with no safety issues. Our other Advisor Dr. Yoshiki Sawa has just started the world's first IPS cardiomyocyte Phase I in Japan. Other pioneer  Others include  Dr. John Lynn Jefferies, Director Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy Programs at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Jefferies has recently completed a Phase I study in Duchenne Cardiomyopathy. Other members include having completed the most cardiac stem cell IND's in the United States. We have completed our PRE-IND meeting with the FDA and our currently in GMP manufacturing production as we expect to launch the first IPS clinical trial focused on heart disease in the United States.